Eddie & the Hot Rods at the Nashville, London, January 1977

The toilet door crashed open. He zipped in, did what was necessary and zipped out again. Two guys combed their hair at the sink. “There’s always someone at a Hot Rods gig who can’t go quick enough,” said one knowingly.

“Yeah,” replied his mate. “You can’t ‘alf lose a lot of precious minutes down the drain sometimes.” They’re that kind of band.

And there’s a girl somewhere with only one eye who’s about £500 richer, thanks to the £1.50 entrance fee. She’s had a beer mug smashed in her face at the 100 Club at the Punk Festival a while back. Remember?

The benefit gig at the Nashville should have kicked off with The Damned. But they were a banned Damned at the last minute.

The Rods cruised on. Barrie Masters looking like a fugitive from the Pirates of Penzance in red and white hooped T-shirt and braces.

“Fanx for coming,” and straight into ‘Get Across To You’. Stacatto Barrie has mastered the situation. The stage ain’t big enough for his prowling.

’96 Tears’ and ‘Keep On Keeping On’ follow boldly, going where no man has gone before. Two oldies: Joe Tex’s ‘Show Me The Way’ and ‘Woolly Bully’. Puppet dancing up front, but no strings attached.

teenage depression

A couple more, then into ‘Teenage Depression’ which should have been a lot bigger than it was, then ‘The Kids Are Alright’.

Hey, ain’t that Lou Lewis? Mean, clean harmonica blowing from ex-Hot Rod on ‘Madison Blues’. The music makes you smile, the crackling guitar of Dave Higgs grabbing your lips and ripping them apart.

J Geils’ ‘Hard Drivin’ Man’ is next up. Masters getting swash-buckled and foot on the gas for ‘CC Rider’

Two encores, ‘Dizzy Miss Lizzy’ and ‘Get Out Of Denver’, the biggest ‘Johnny B Goode’ rip-off you’ll ever hear.

Now, where the hell is that toilet?

(Record Mirror, 22/01/77)

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