The Jam at the Royal College, London, July 1977

It’s a godawful small affair. A stage as long as platform 6 at Victoria Station. Baggageless porters The Jam, 40 feet apart and monitorless. Full house lights! The Tyla Gang before and The Cimarons next.

The artless audience at the Royal College of it showing their appreciation of this highly developed tricep in leaps . . . and bounds.

Behind The Jam – a large Union Jack, the colours depicting the three moods the band take you through at a gig. Red hot expanding into white heat contracting into teenage blue.

In case you’ve forgotten guitarist Paul Weller, bassist Bruce Foxton and drummer Rick Buckler are The Jam.

They are not, I repeat not, a re-cycled Who. They write concise contemporary songs like ‘In The City’, ‘Bricks And Mortar’ (“About housing problems in this country” introduces Paul) and ‘I’ve Changed My Address’ enhancing their effect with a selection of old material – ‘Batman’, ‘So Sad About Us’ and ‘Midnight Hour’.

The result is a well equipped show. Incisive and dynamic. There seems no possible way they can blow it with those credentials.

So this wasn’t one of their more successful concerts, thanks to extenuating circumstances. But they made the best of what was dished up. That’s the secret. The Jam don’t give in. And for every duff show you can be assured of six of the best.

(Record Mirror, 05/07/77)

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