The Jam in London, March 1977

Obvious band for the slag-off merchants this. “Who rip off ennit?” “Nothing new ‘ere, is there?”

Think again Batman. Throw nine years off yer back. Smouldering in those two tone days of college ties, three piece blue mohair, light and bitter and the local palais. What music could you identify with then, kiddo? As a 15, 16, 17 year old what band could you look to and say “That’s me”?

You might as well throw most of the Seventies in too. See now we got . . .

Sermons are impotent. But the fact is you 15, 16, 17 year olds now don’t realise how lucky you are. Lucky to have bands around to hang on to.

The Jam are such a band. Easy to read too much importance into the the current set-up. But there IS something.

Anyway, there’s Paul Weller guitar and vocals, Bruce Foxton bass and Rick Buckler drums. Basic line-up and music.

Like ‘I’ve Changed My Address’, ‘Bricks And Mortar’ and their debut single ‘In The City’. Weller, in Sixties suit with the tiny knot in his tie, crumpling each song up and hurling it at the audience.

Like ‘Ride Your Pony’, ‘Midnight Hour’, ‘Slow Down’, ‘Heatwave’ and ‘Much Too Much’. The last two immortalised by The Who. So, it’s turning the clock back. But the clock was well slow anyway.

The Jam are a wind-up mob in the nicest way.

Record Mirror, 02/04/77

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