THE STRANGLERS – “La Folie” / “Waltzinblack” (Liberty BP 410) April 1982

“La Folie”

The Stranglers ‘La Folie’ – At last, the coming out of one’s favourite closet romantics. And romantic they have always been, in the true sense: Witness Burnel’s black leather, death’n’night’n’blood imagery and Cornwell’s persona, somewhere between a suave Count Dracula and a kerb-crawler.

Here it’s Burnel to the fore intoning a tale of love and death in his native Frog – his sombre recounting fits well over the graceful, almost pretty backdrop.

Hard to judge its hit potential – either a freak success or a total stiff, I suppose. I like it, though I still think they’re crazy not to release ‘Tramp’ as the Big Hit’s follow up. (Record Mirror)

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