THE STRANGLERS – “Who Wants The World?” / “The Meninblack (Waiting For ‘Em)” (United Artists BP 355) May 1980

“Who Wants The World?”

The Stranglers ‘Who Wants The World?’ – strangely cheerful for a kick-off. A fast number that rolls along with all the trademarks to keep you acquainted just in case there was a doubt that ‘The Meninblack’ should be running out of steam, (heaven forbid) menace and inspiration.

But then again the most positive danger comes from the least aggressive threat. A pop hit. No doubt about it. (Record Mirror)

After a clutch of weak singles, the Stranglers totally reverse their position, and along with the Banshees shine out as this week’s single of the weekers.

The song, as always, beats powerfully, welded together by Dave Greenfield’s instantly recognisable, mesmerising keyboards, but what makes this one special is the multi-tentacled hookline and dubbed haunting vocals which really bring home the intensity of a song still very much in the “Raven” vein. (Smash Hits)

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