“Outta Too!!”

The Outta Place – Garage Punk Outsiders from New York, USA

The Outta Place “We’re Outta Place” (Midnight Records 103) was the first record to ever come out of the N.Y.C. garage psych punk scene. It preceded The Vipers and Fuzztones singles by nine months, and created quite a stir from those more mature garage bands who could not understand why the “cave teens” had been elected and selected first.

The answer to those questions came soon with world-wide acclaim. The mini-LP immediately hit number 1 in the alternative charts in Italy, France, Holland, and received rave reviews in the U.K., U.S. and Canada.

Chandler’s vocals and The Outta Place’s straight fresh delivery will probably never be equaled or surpassed. This second LP, “Outta Two!!” (Midnight Records 129) is the last of The Outta Place legacy.

All the instrumental tracks were recorded prior to Chandler’s final move to The Raunch Hands. Chandler cut the vocal tracks after he left the band, through persuasion from room mate and band cohort Jordan.

The vocals were recorded in their apartment one night despite Chandler’s drunken state of mind, his growing disgust with psychedelic punk, and against peer pressure.

Well, we’re glad he did it anyway ’cause this is quite a record and one can only wonder what The Outta Place would be now if they had not broken up in 1984.

What exactly is TRASH? knowing what fabulous things can be pulled out of dustbins after dark, on New York streets, we know that TRASH is pure serendipity, an unexpected fast thrill, that more often than not climbs back onto the garbage heap after blowing its energy on being enjoyed, only to be retrieved by yet another willing victim.

The TRASH of Outta Place sits in the garage, fermenting in the darkness. They’re very hot. They give in completely to their teen energy without apology or any form of explanation.

Yeah! The loud and fast of them doesn’t reach out and hit you in the face as much as create its own energy generator, fueling the dancers around the stage, like electrons spinning off an atom.

meet the band

Singer Mike Chandler is like Batman on speed, like the key got wound up too tight behind the shades, making him sing / scream / speak faster than humanly possible.

He digs down right to the pit of the song, and when he sings ‘Steppin’ Stone’, he’s not just pissed off or just carrying on. He’s going for more, sneering like the jester making a fool of the king.

Jordan Tarlow, guitarist, says when he gets onstage he “tells his fingers to move fast”, and they do. The clarity of each note comes through loud open and honest, but with that foot-to-the-floor feeling that it’s gonna let loose at any moment.

Orin Portnoy backs up that energy with a driven locomotive bassline, and they both look the part, wild and wooly, a bit too young and approving of the groove to step one foot out of the guts of garage.

Shari, on electric organ is a cool Mata Hari, an iron fist in a velvet glove cooly backing up the vocals like a Dragon girl and is a great contrast with the rest of the group.

The sight of Andrea bashing wildly with abandon on her kit long locks flying and shades set on doing it for all it’s worth, completes the group perfectly.

Outta Place is the spirit of garage for all it’s worth and when any group can keep every tack down and yet go for more, they’re not just a group to watch but to be infected by.

This TRASH, to the dump in the land of bland, shall never go.

Outta Place – “Outta Too!!”
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