Mystic Eyes

Mystic Eyes – Garage Punk Outsiders from Buffalo, NY, USA

Mystic Eyes “Our Time To Leave!” – When you’re all alone and lonely, don’t reach for this and that. Come and hear the songs of these here mystic eyes.

If they can’t see what it is Turn, Turn, Turn away from them. Dig this sound. Dig this. Dig what is now and forever. Walk through, past the eagles and flies, past those unfeeling, half-living.

From out of the window come these here mystic eyes. Tears that you still feel. Shakes and no reasons to complain. Feeling tore down and out here THAT’S INSIDE THESE MYSTIC, MYSTIC EYES. (Bernard Kugel)

Yeah!! This is it. After tempting the world at large with a song on a compilation here and a compilation there, Mystic Eyes have unleashed their first full-length long player.

Hey, these guys sure ain’t pretty, but this is no beauty contest . . . . this is rock ‘n’ roll . . . the real thing. I’m supposed to be too old to remember, but I’m really too young to forget the sounds I need to hear.

The “faithfull” need to hear it, too (you know who you are) So, like, why are ya wasting precious time reading this drivel . . . slap this thing on your music box and get it all first hand by MYSTIC EYES.
C’mon, get outta my way. (“Mad” Louie)

Mystic Eyes hailed from Buffalo, NY in the good old USA. Yeah, it was good in USA if you knew where to look for the underground garage punk records. Led by Bernie Kugel, he gathered together a band of other misfit square lookin’ blokes and they started making a garage noise but with a difference. They combined elements of folk-rock jangle with the primitive “Back From The Grave” inspired style.

Their album on Get Hip Records, released during 1988, contains plenty of inspired cover versions of numbers by The Magic Plants, The Alarm Clocks, The Human Expression and The Young Monkey Men.

My mix of Mystic Eyes concentrates wholly on the original compositions by leader and vocalist Bernard Kugel. They all demonstrate Bernie’s skill for creating catchy folk-punk tunes, most of them love songs. It seems that poor Bernie was a love-sick old dog in need for some lovin’ hands. (EXPO67)

Mystic Eyes – songs from the LP “Our Time To Leave!”
  • “She Don’t Cry No More”
  • “I Lost My World””
  • “Baby, We’re Free”
  • “My Time To Leave”
  • “Judy”
  • “I Have”
  • “I’m Glad I Walked Out That Door”
  • “I Thought I Saw A Tear”

Meet the band:
Bernard Kugel (lead vocals & guitar)
Eric Lubstorf (6 & 12 string guitar)
Scott Davison (drums)
Craig Davison (bass, organ & guitar)

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