“Angels With Dirty Faces”

SHAM 69 – “Angles With Dirty Faces” / “The Cockney Kids Are Innocent” (Polydor 2059 023) April 1978

SHAM 69 “Angels With Dirty Faces” – Jimmy Pursey deserves a lot of credit for his obvious charisma and sincerity, but I’m a bit concerned about his ability to actually compose a decent pop chune. This boisterous, rough and ready assault on our consciousness isn’t exactly exploding at the seams with melody.

Frankly, it sounds like last year’s thing or should I say model? (NME)

Let’s analyze this record. Technically, it’s no great shakes. Lyrically, it’s not very original. Musically, it’s at best, basic. But . . . I LIKE IT! Why? Listen to the poem that came with it, from Master Pursey himself,

“OK, you dirty rats
If you don’t like this masterpiece
You’re just a bunch of prats.”

Jimmy Pursey

That’s why. Charm. He has it, this record has it. By the bucketful. Cheek and charm and humour. I’ll take that before genius any old day.

PS. I love the way they’ve changed the words of ‘George Davis is innocent’ to ‘Cockney Kids’. Smart move, BOYS! (Record Mirror)

photo from the back of of the picture sleeve

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