Thee Fourgiven

Thee Fourgiven – Garage Punk Outsiders from Los Angeles, USA

Thee Fourgiven hailed from Los Angeles and stuck around long enough to release a couple of albums and some singles. They were Rich Coffee, Ray Flores IV and Matthew Roberts, a kind of power trio in the old sense of the word.

Claim to fame and the reason why they’ve been allocated “Garage Punk Outsiders” status is the fact that these three musicians were the rhythm section of the wonderful Unclaimed and it was these men who laid down the fuzz foundations of the Unclaimed’s imperious “Primordial Ooze Flavored” mini-LP, which preceded this album by a few years.

I listened to Thee Fourgiven every now and again back in the mid-eighties and was always under-whelmed. I expected so much better considering their regal past.

Half of the songs are quite one dimensional, a bit on the samey side, lacking in memorable hooks and the lead vocals are hit or miss. Having said that the sound in parts is fierce and worthy of praise, especially when they let loose with the reverb guitar and speed things up to a hectic pace and become garage cave men.

Some of the numbers remind me of The Miracle Workers when they moved on from their garage punk phase.

I have selected six numbers to represent their music from the 1985 album “It Ain’t Pretty Down Here” on Dionysus Records.

Thee Fourgiven – songs from “It Ain’t Pretty Down Here”

  • “Don’t Be Afraid (To Be Young)”
  • “Lost In The Beat”
  • “Anything”
  • “The Reason Why”
  • “You Surprised Me”
  • “Ain’t That Mad”

Meet the band:
Rich Coffee (guitar, vocals)
Ray Flores IV (Mosrite bass, vocals, percussion)
Matthew Roberts (drums, percussion)

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