Chester-le-Street finds

The Search goes on – On Thursday I decided to visit Sound & Vision in Chester-le-Street. Fast becoming one of my ‘go-to’ shops to hunt for records. There is always something to find and the other day was no exception.

I wanted to add some ’70s punk / new wave items. I’m constantly trying to fill the gaps in my archive. So I had a quick flip through the ’60s section of albums but nothing really was essential. A couple of Searchers originals were there for the taking and a Lee Hazlewood with Nancy Sinatra were possibles but I decided I’d leave those for another day and hunt for 70s punk.

I had a brief chat with the shop owner who let me know he’d just bought a big punk collection and most of it had been priced and was now out in the racks and boxes. He pointed to a box full of punk albums, promising I thought to myself. Time to delve in.

Most of the albums were standard punk items and the majority I already owned. Still, though. . . any new collector would have a great time flicking through this lot. The condition of the records were all at least excellent. Nothing ragged and torn, the sleeves all looked fresh and well looked after.

I picked up Sham 69 and Magazine albums. £30 for the two.

There were loads more new punk additions in the single boxes. Most of them were from the second wave of punk from the early eighties. Not a scene I know much about. Loads of Discharge 7″ records in sleeves for instance.

I stuck with items and period I know more about and basically it’s this era of records that I want to research and write about on ‘Yellow Paper Suns’. I’ll list them below. Nothing particularly rare but I needed them to fill the gaps. Total spend (including the albums) was £75. Vinyl condition . . . tip top.

  • Sham 69 – “Tell Us The Truth” LP
  • Magazine – “Real Life” LP
  • Lurkers – “Ain’t Got A “Clue” (including the gold flexi bonus single)
  • Jilted John – “Jilted John” (with picture sleeve)
  • Skids – “Circus Games”
  • Exploited – “Dead Cities”
  • Sham 69 – “If The Kids Are United”
  • Hugh Cornwell – “White Room”

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