“Circus Games”

THE SKIDS – “Circus Games” / “One Decree” (Virgin VS 359) July 1980

The Skids “Circus Games” – Strange how Scotland’s finest viz The Skids and Simple Minds have, with their third albums, reached crucial points in their careers. From the forthcoming third album this resorts to the grandiose reliance of slab guitar work that was strongly felt to be wrong on the first David Batchelor produced album.

Enigmatic huh? The hook, and this will be the winner here, is sung by children with false teeth or perhaps they are merely playing castanets.

Good solid single though. On one brief listen I feel certain the album has stronger stuff on it. Hopefully we’ll see the band live and quick.

Great sleeve (Manray ballet dancer cum trapeze artist and shadows that opens into a lavish poster that fans will lap up). Classy and no surprise. (Record Mirror)

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