“Arabian Knights”

SIOUXSIE & the BANSHEES – “Arabian Knights” / “Supernatural Thing” (Polydor POSP 309) July 1981

Siouxsie & the Banshees “Arabian Knights” – Blimey, this week’s singles are hard work. Oh, for something bright and cheerful. But you’d hardly look to the Banshees for that, and sure enough here they are glooming away as ever.

This is taken from the LP. It’s not bad, but they still haven’t managed to better the glorious ‘Israel’. (Record Mirror)

More menacing childhood memories dredged up and dressed up in tired old riffs and jaded Banshee dynamics. Siouxsie sounds jaded, disinterested; McGeogh is typically vague, wrenching out the standard guitar atmospherics. Thin, brittle, forgettable; no push, no magic; keep away from this voodoo. (Melody Maker)

You certainly know that London has gone funk berserk when the news has got through the permafrost to reach the ears of Siouxsie. So she drops everything and gallops out to cover Ben E. King’s “Supernatural Thing” on the 12″ version of this here, dishing it up with all the rollicking good humour we’ve come to expect of her.

The title track is more the ticket; The Banshees swirl and shimmer like Bunnymen, but still she sings in that tone of voice that most people reserve for complaining about dry cleaning. (Smash Hits)

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