SIOUXSIE & the BANSHEES – “Christine” / “Eve White Eve Black” (Polydor 2059 249) May 1980

Siouxsie & the Banshees “Christine” – How to think aloud and sound like an underground American band while saddled with your own Bromley accent, your own band and a hell of a reputation in London in 1980.

‘Christine’ virtually floats along, more haze than haughtiness, and ends up sounding sweet and meaningful; presumably the intention? Time and the endless plays this will get will tell if the velvet has hard core underneath it. (Record Mirror)

Barely recognisable as the Banshees. They’ve left behind their previous stark, plodding death-warmed up arrangements and have produced a much lighter, freer-flowing affair this time, though their taste for the bizarre and melodramatic remains.

Listening carefully however, the style is familiar in part, Severin’s deep booming bass, Budgie’s insistent supportive drumming – but Siouxsie is completely transformed. Her voice is still enough to chill the bone, but containing more feeling and conviction, as if she is really relating to the song this time. (Smash Hits)

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