“Dear Prudence”

SIOUXSIE & the BANSHEES – “Dear Prudence” / “Tattoo” (Wonderland SHE 4) September 1983

Siouxsie & the Banshees “Dear Prudence” – Siouxsie’s always had a bit of the old Alice In Wonderland about her and it’s not surprising that she should choose to revive a Beatles song from their whimsical period.

She’s even kept the phasing. But does she know that it was originally written for actress Mia Farrow’s sister? Thought not. (Smash Hits)

This 45 was an unexpected foray into psychedelia by a band more associated with the 70s punk rock scene in England, but by 1983 they had developed a more complex sound and had undergone a few personnel changes.

One such change was the introduction of Robert Smith from The Cure on lead guitar. He took over duties from John McGeogh and persuaded the band to record The Beatles classic ’Dear Prudence’.

The Siouxsie and the Banshees version is a much quicker assault with Robert Smith’s guitar to the fore. During this period he was solely using a Vox Teardrop Mark VI. Producer Mike Hodges also uses the technique of phasing or ’skying’ as it’s sometimes known to create that otherworldly soundscape. (EXPO67)

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