SIOUXSIE & the BANSHEES – “Fireworks” / “Coal Mind” (Polydor POSP 450) May 1982

Siouxsie & the Banshees “Fireworks” – Strip away the inimitable hoarse straining of the vocals and their rather ponderously applied strings, and underneath is what sounds curiously like a U2 song.

Coincidence, perhaps, but there it is. Since I’ve given up hoping that the Banshees will make another single as good as ‘Israel’ or better, this highly commercial piece must suffice, although those strings really do sound wretchedly uncomfortable. (Record Mirror)

Starts with an orchestra tuning up and ends with the sound of some fairly expensive rockets going off. In between you get the usual swirling Siouxsie sound, long on repetition but short on tune, eminently suitable for haunting houses etc.

Probably recorded in a bell tower. Quite likeable really. (Smash Hits)

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