“Blue Boy”

ORANGE JUICE – “Blue Boy” / “Love Sick” (Postcard 80-2) August 1980

Orange Juice “Blue Boy” – A waspish, curling twirling treat of a single. Orange Juice make me think of good times and good Teardrop and the best uncluttered, unfettered, great ignored music like Tim Buckley.

‘Blue Boy’ is sung by Edwin Collins and played with the sort of blood and guts conviction that you could use as a good bet character test for anybody you want to know about in the way of ‘do they FEEL rock ‘n’ roll music?

Orange Juice come from a mysterious line; longer and more spooky than they think, ranging from early blues, jazz and beat music. More than anything else, Orange Juice are right in the middle of the present true rock ‘n’ roll soul; they’re an effective pop eclectic focal point (and perhaps the incipient Sound are too).

Orange Juice should be enormous and on Stiff and plastered across bedroom walls. but then the world ain’t like that. (Sounds)

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