“(I’m) Stranded”

THE SAINTS – “(I’m) Stranded” (EMI EMC 2570) March 1977

A definite burn yer arse off job. Hot. As hot as hell. And Aussie too.

“Rock ‘n’ Roll is meant to be revolutionary, aggression is always there. We’re just opening up. We’re not a punk rock band nor are we into glorifying violence. But we are realists.” Guitarist Ed Kuepper said that. He’s a saint. “And them downtown boys sure talk gritty. It’s so hard to be a saint in the city.”

The band live in Brisbane which can be described as a huge, sprawling Kings Cross with its winos and railway yards. They formed four years ago and last year recorded and pressed 500 copies of their song ‘(I’m) Stranded’.

Some ended up in this country and it was promptly voted single of the year by a rock paper. And now their first album.

Disobeying all recording techniques and rules ‘(I’m) Stranded’ hits way below the belt. Kuepper, tossing eclecticism out of the grooves, attacks his guitar with pristine arrogance. Singer Chris Bailey hacks away at each number like some crazed lumberjack.

Together they write most of the material, ‘Erotic Neurotic’, ‘Messin’ With The Kid’, ‘Nights In Venice’, all showing razor-sharp insight.

Like the way asterisks against some numbers represent “Australian compositions”. And with songs like this The Saints are liable to push a majority of the bands on the scene today way down under.

(Record Mirror, 12/03/77)

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