“Friday’s Angels”

GENERATION X – “Fridays Angels” / “Trying For Kicks” (Chrysalis CHS A 2330) June 1979

Generation X “Friday’s Angels” – Not one of their strongest singles, the normally expressive lead vocals from Idol sound subdued to say the least, coming across like he’s singing from a quickly penned sheet of lyrics while laying down his parts, automaton style.

They all sound bored on this record, it’s as if they created this number in a downcast state while they were in the studio.

The background vocals and lead guitar break make this one just about passable but never a hit in a million years. No hook, no excitement, nothing there really.

The flip is MUCH better, “Trying For Kicks” is a short and snappy number, fast paced, teen appeal for sure. The other track on the B-side is a rather clumsy affair with plodding vocals, bass and drums. Only the lead guitar stands out from the pack. (EXPO67)

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