“Ghost Town”

THE SPECIALS – “Ghost Town” / “Why?” (Two-Tone CHS TT17) June 1981

The Specials “Ghost Town” – Stylised cowboy film soundtrack or misguided genius? I can’t decide whether Dammers is taking the piss or if he actually means it.

The Specials are no longer the force they were, which in a way makes it easier to assess them objectively. Objectivity/ Soddit, let’s dance.

On the flip, Lynval Golding’s “Why?” poses the questions for which no one has the answer. “Friday Night, Saturday Morning” gives vent to Terry Hall’s irony: “Wish I had lipstick on my shirt, instead of piss stains on my shoes.” (Record Mirror)

A tune full of Eastern promise about towns that are going west, due to the current rate of unemployment. But you don’t have to live in Corby or Telford to appreciate Jerry Dammers’ increasing brilliance or Rico’s flair for jazz licks or the ritzy kind on this ace 12-incher, which also include Lynval Golding’s emotive “Why?” and Terry Hall’s humourously descriptive “Friday Night, Saturday Morning”. (Smash Hits)

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