“Silver Lining”

STIFF LITTLE FINGERS – “Silver Lining” / “Safe As Houses” (Chrysalis CHS 2517) May 1981

Stiff Little Fingers “Silver Lining” – Unlike most people, Jake Burns hasn’t got a throat between his head and shoulders. He’s got a rusty drainpipe. Which is all very well for shouting up a storm about Alternative Ulster or sounding breathless as he did on the previous SLF single.

But for soul pastiche – with the added flavour of the Q-Tips horns – such as this, he would be very well advised to acquire that normal piece of anatomy. (Smash Hits)

SLF still manage to sound passionate and concerned despite their latter day sophistication. Not as strong as their last offering “Just Fade Away” – the number which promptly did just that after I made it single of the week – but there’s enough grit and whisky toned energy to simply blow the posers away. (Record Mirror)

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