“Flowers Of Romance”

PUBLIC IMAGE LTD – “Flowers Of Romance” / “Home Is Where The Heart Is” (Virgin VS 397) March 1981

Public Image ltd “Flowers Of Romance” – A new line-up for the consistently inventive outfit which now departs the four piece rock structure. A mistake. It’s either Indian bagpipes or a thin cat being dragged backwards through the Blackwell tunnel.

Off key singing can get a little tedious at times, you know (Record Mirror)

You could never accuse these jokers of squandering their scarce resources. This is certainly economic, if nothing else. Out goes the dentists’ drill guitar and in comes a new emphasis on the bare bones of the rhythm section.

Rotten has pared down his vocal style to just two notes, both flat. If this is the sound of the future let’s hope that it can somehow be averted. (Smash Hits)

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