“Sweet Suburbia”

THE SKIDS – “Sweet Suburbia” / “Open Sound” (Virgin VS 227) September 1978

THE SKIDS “Sweet Suburbia” – I haven’t been able to find any vintage music press reviews for this single so I’ll write my own. “Sweet Suburbia” was actually a debut single (on Virgin) hit record, reaching a decent #10 in the charts during autumn of 1978. It’s a record I can’t remember being played on the radio at the time but it must have been on Radio One’s playlist. John Peel rated it.

It’s not a bad tune I suppose but doesn’t really do much for me to be honest. Quite tame, straight-forward rock music. Actually, the number sounds not unlike early Big Country, which was a surprise, because I don’t think other Skids music sounds much like them.

Clearly Stuart Adamson’s guitar sound has its own way of being the insidious force of both bands.

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