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My never ending quest for records

The search goes on – This morning dawned, it was a warm sunny start to the day and after breakfast my decision was made. I needed to go to Newcastle to spend some money on records. I buy hundreds of records online but this is a series of posts I write on ‘Yellow Paper Suns’ detailing my finds ‘in the wild’ at local record shops in the North East of England. Today, it’s Newcastle. What will I find?

My first stop was at Beatdown Records, a monumental shop catering for all tastes, from Folk to Blues, Hard Rock to Heavy Metal, Punk Rock to Garage Punk, some Psychedelia, Industrial, Indie, Soundtracks, World Music. I would estimate that ninety odd percent of their stock is new pressings, not a great deal of original records from the fifties through to the seventies for instance.

Beatdown Records

I had my sights on a couple of albums by The Courettes I saw the last time I was in here earlier this month. Only ‘We Are The Courettes’ was in the racks. what a shame, but I don’t think it will be long before I grab a copy of ‘Here Are The Courettes’, there are still plenty available online.

In the same rack marked “Garage Punk” was the album by Wild Evel & the Trash Bones ‘Digging My Grave’ – I’ve heard a couple of numbers by this rockin’ garage band in the past but have never listened to one of their long-players. Will they last the course over an album’s worth of material? Time will tell. I decided to give them a chance! They create music that’s not for the faint-hearted. I have a black heart, a dark mind and a ruthless streak. I prefer my noise to be untamed.

Now I’m a complete novice to the sounds of ’70s underground group Suicide. I recently bought the Record Store Day release of “Cheree” and thought it most beautiful. Not a style I usually go mad for – synth and no guitars, but I’m less fussy nowadays and I’m on a voyage of discovery.

I had a quick look in Reflex Records but only had temptation once which waned quickly when I saw the price for “Behind The Dykes”, a double LP of beat music and psychedelia from the Netherlands in the ’60s. I love Dutch Beat and recommend anyone to investigate this scene. So many top quality bands releasing fabulous gear. But at £32 I gave it a miss for now! Maybe next time.


Windows in the Arcade was another disappointment. I was looking for the remastered Spacemen 3 LPs but they didn’t have anything in their racks. HMV in Eldon Square have lots of worthy records, all new pressings of course and all with extremely high prices. I rarely see anyone buying items here. How do they survive?

Today’s purchases and fifty quid lighter in the pocket:

  • Wild Evel & the Trashbones – “Digging My Grave”
  • The Courettes – “We Are The Courettes”
  • Suicide – “Suicide”
Tyne Bridge photo taken from the bus
thee spoils of war

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