“Another Girl”, Another Planet”

THE ONLY ONES – “Another Girl, Another Planet” / “Special View” (CBS S CBS 6228) April 1978

The Only Ones “Another Girl, Another Planet” – Unlike their contemporaries, the Only Ones happily paraded their ’60s baggage: Mike Kellie had been in Spooky Tooth, while John Perry was an accomplice of both Hawkwind and The Dead.

The group brought a musicality to Perrett’s Dolls-ish songs that ran startingly counter to the contemporary grain. Recorded in Escape Studios, Kent prior to their CBS deal, ‘Another Girl, Another Planet’ was as immediate as it sounds – a one-take affair.

One of the all-time great intros builds up the drama: a damped guitar, a loping bass, galloping drums before a screech announces Perry’s incendiary solo. Perrett’s narcoleptic, nasal whine evinces equal parts ennui and emotion. Later in the covers repertoire of any self respecting US indie act. (Mojo)

Enter, roll of drums, melody jump about . . . another time / another place? Ties with The Police ‘Roxanne’ for star-rating on potential. lots of interesting voices on vinyl nowadays.

Very simple, but there again so are eggs (huh?) . . . all in all, a very saleable commodity. Tastefully off the over-beaten pop track. Interesting to see them live. (Record Mirror)

Somehow, The Only Ones never rose above cult status in England and the achingly brilliant new wave blast of ’Another Girl, Another Planet’ didn’t even dent the Charts. Quite why this was allowed to happen is anyone’s guess, but at the time guitarist John Perry blamed it on lack of promotion by CBS.

‘Another Girl’ has one of the all time great intros with it’s sinister bass rhythms and piercing lead guitar frills building this highly influential three minute aural drama.. The song deals with drugs, love and death.

Some group members had a 60s pedigree. Bassist Alan Mair was a member of The Beatstalkers and drummer Mike Kellie banged the skins for Spooky Tooth. (EXPO67)

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