the Tyne Bridge

My never ending quest for records

The search goes on – We planned last night to have a look around the Quayside area of Newcastle, so this morning after breakfast we got the early morning bus from Washington but instead of going all the way into the Toon we got off at Gateshead and walked the short journey down to the Quayside.

We were on the Gateshead side of the River Tyne so decided to have a look inside the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art. I’m not quite sure what I was looking at, it appeared to be a load of modern art installations. Although not really my scene it was still cool to know that such a building was in my region.

The panorama from the viewing gallery, looking down onto the River Tyne, the Tyne Bridge, the Sage and the Quayside on the Newcastle side of the river was impressive and memorable.

After crossing the river via the Millennium Bridge we walked along the quayside on the Newcastle side. It wasn’t that busy although I’m sure if the weather was a little warmer and we weren’t still living through the pandemic, the area would have been crowded and perhaps a little hectic.

I decided to visit one of my old haunts throughout the ’80s and into the ’90s, a pub called the Barley Mow. Sadly, the place was a shell of broken walls, boarded-up windows, a decaying roof, urban art and tangles of buddleia.

This used to be the go-to pub for the alternative types, punks, goths and drop-outs. So many memories, so many faces and friends that I’ve never seen for decades. where does everyone go when they become ‘grown-up’ and ‘mature’ ?? Answers on a postcard c/o Newcastle Lost & Found.

I decided to walk into the City Centre by wandering past another old haunt from yester-year, The Riverside Club. I saw several rockin’ bands here back in the ’80s such as The Fuzztones, The Rain Parade, The Hoodoo Gurus, Doctor & the Medics and others. It was also a place to go for a beer, do a wrap of speed, drop acid and mix with friends and weirdo-types. they’re all just shadows in my mind now though.

The area has been made all posh and clean, just like the Quayside. The Riverside Club has had a facelift and is called something different. I haven’t got a clue what it is now. Too sad to think so I just walked on to the City Centre for a cup of coffee and a scone.

the Riverside building

Anyway, it was only right that I checked out a couple of record shops before going home. I decided to visit Reflex. Last week they had an album I nearly bought but decided to refrain because money was a little tight. Sadly someone had bought “Behind The Dykes – Volume 2” – it just goes to show that I’m not the only fan of ’60s Dutch Beat and Psychedelia.

So, it was off down the road to Beatdown Records where I found a couple of albums worth my investigation. decent prices too which is always a bonus.

  • The Courettes – “Here Are The Courettes”
  • Echo & the Bunnymen – “The John Peel sessions 1979-1983”

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