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My never ending quest for records

The search goes on – It was all systems go this morning because I sold something over-night on eBay that needed to be wrapped and sent on it’s way via the local Post Office. We had planned the night before to get the early bus to Sunderland to check out the Museum.

The bus journey to Sunderland usually takes about twenty minutes but there are so many road works going on at the moment that we seemed unable to dodge any traffic light stoppages. So the bus jaunt took in a different route and an extra fifteen minutes. Everyone was wearing their face masks except the usual plebs, one can only hope these fuckers get Covid and die.

We wandered ’round some of the streets and passageways off the beaten track but all we found were broken-down shop buildings and areas of rubble that looked like post-war building sites. Hopefully these shops and vacant plots of land will be re-generated into something useful. Sunderland badly needs it.

We decided to visit Sunderland Museum, a place I’ve been going to since the late ’60s when I was a pre-school infant. I can remember most of my visits over the preceding years. There is usually something new and interesting. This time it was a gallery of art by T.S. Lowry and Sir Antony Gormley’s Earth Drawings.

After a Gregg’s Vegan roll and a cup of black coffee whilst sitting in the Park, taking photos and watching a rabbit running around the rose beds it was off to Hot Rats Records, I’d rather give the owner my money for records than HMV.

I kept repeating in my head “Hope he has something worth my time,” as I walked the short distance from the Park to his shop on Stockton Road.

And indeed he did! There were several albums that I was tempted to buy but didn’t, The Spacemen 3, The Boys, The Undertones and others, but now jobless, I was hesitant to spend more than £50 so I kept my hot wax additions to ‘Beat Behind The Dykes – Volume 2’ and a re-issue of Television Personalities debut album.

I got chatting to the owner about how I missed out on the Dutch Beat compilation in Newcastle yesterday and he knocked a couple of quid off the shop price for me. Now, things like this never happen in HMV.

Use your local independent dealers!

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