“Hedi’s Head”

KLEENEX – Ain’t You” / “Hedi’s Head” (Rough Trade RT009) December 1978

Kleenex “Hedi’s Head” – Gripped by violent riots triggered by increasing ignorance by authority towards the needs of the young, late ’70s Zurich possessed a revolutionary outfit – female four-piece Kleenex.

The group’s self-financed four track EP soon became the subject of a UK label race between Rough Trade and Stiff, and Hedi’s Head – a mix of child-like mantra and staccato vocal experiments which swung between Swiss-German and English, rearranging words to create mischievous new meanings – became a John Peel favourite.

Although the vocal stylings echoed those of Slits vocalist Ari Up, the metallic guitar sound and hypnotic rhythms inhabited the same sonic territory as US girl band ESG.

Due to the swift intervention of a certain toilet tissue manufacturer the band would quickly become LiliPUT, but the two Kleenex singles (follow-up ‘You’) were popular in the UK. (Mojo)

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