ADAM AND THE ANTS – “Zerox” / “Whip In My Valise” (Do It DUN 8) July 1979

Adam and the Ants “Zerox” – Adam Ant experienced his punk epiphany when The Sex Pistols supported his group Bazooka Joe. Boasting punk face Jordan as manager and an authentic S&M image, ‘Zerox’, Adam And The Ants’ second single refined their mix of intricate arrangements and pseudo-intellectual lyrics.

With a nervy, staccato guitar riff and vocals that owe a debt to Marc Bolan, the song is a futurist nightmare of a semi-human plagiarising machine.

Eighteen months later, this sparse, complex Antmusic had been replaced by Burundi rhythms and ‘Zerox’ found itself in the charts. Many fans remained oblivious to the tale of masochism on the flip, ‘Whip In My Valise’. (Mojo)

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