“Right To Work”

CHELSEA – “Right To Work” / “The Loner” (Step Forward SF 2) June 1977

Chelsea “Right To Work” – Chelsea are Gene October vocalist, James Stevenson guitar, Henry Daze bass and Carey Fortune drums.

More commercial than ‘Fascist Dictator’ by The Cortinas (their label mates) and almost assured of chart action with it’s arrowhead chorus, “We have the right to work” and hydro-power Stevenson guitar.

“I don’t know what tomorrow may bring, let me tell ya having no future is a terrible thing.”

Could reach anthem proportions. (Record Mirror, 11/06/77)

It looked all over for vocalist Gene October’s Chelsea when Billy Idol, Tony James and John Towe ran off to form Generation X. Undeterred, October penned ‘Right To Work’ the next day, and after a further two line-up changes recorded the track for Miles Copeland’s Step Forward label.

A sub three-minute vitriolic blast powered by October’s aggressive vocal, ‘Right To Work’ soon became a working-class anthem. Seen at the time as an attack on rising unemployment levels, the lyrical assault was ironically aimed at trade union closed shop policy.

This went largely unnoticed at the time and Chelsea quickly gained a reputation for being the other punk band with a political conscience. (Mojo)

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