“Fascist Dictator”

THE CORTINAS – “Fascist Dictator” / “Television Families” (Step Forward SF 1) June 1977

The Cortinas “Fascist Dictator” – “I’m a fascist dictator, yeah that’s what I am, I’m a fascist dictator. I ain’t like no other man.”

Not a right-wing politician’s rant but a bully’s twisted declaration of love. Crafted by arty teenage Bristolians – average age 17 – the single was stuffed with the certainty of youth and savage guitars, and crept close to being punk parody.

Created in two and a half takes at Polydor’s studios just off Oxford Street, where the concrete floor had previously helped Slade establish their percussive drum sound, ‘Fascist Dictator’ was very much of its moment – inspired by London’s miserabilists and indebted to The Ramones.

Nick Sheppard went on to join the five-man Clash MkII, Valentine is now a philosophy lecturer in Edinburgh, Dalwood’s paintings are collected by Charles Saatchi. (Mojo)

The Cortinas are Jeremy Valentine vocals, Dexter Delwood bass, Nick Sheppard guitar, Mike Fewins lead guitar and Daniel Swan, drums.

Quick-silver riff introducing suitably derisive vocals. “I’m a fascist dictator, I ain’t like no other man.” Successful hall of mirrors production. Irrepressibly good. (Record Mirror, 11/06/77)

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