“£2 each”

Digging in a box of Charity Shop records:

Here’s a new thing I’ve decided to do here on ‘Yellow Paper Suns’ – how many of you out there walk into charity shops in Britain and buy records and CDs? There must be collectors who insist on trying these places out in the hope of finding an undiscovered gem.

I’ve looked in charity shops for a few years, there are two in my town, but apart from a few books and two Shadows singles from the mid-sixties, I’ve never found much of interest.

So in my ‘Charity Shop Excursions’ updates I’ll inform you all what sparked my interest and more importantly, made me fumble for change in my pockets and pay for cheap unwanted records. I’m gonna heighten my concentration and become far more inquisitive. No longer just looking for ’70s punk or wild psychedelia from the ’60s.

I may even feel ‘sorry’ for some of the records lying in wait on the racks hoping that, like stray cats languishing in an animal rescue centre, some kind soul will take ’em home and take good care of them.

This morning was the start of my pursuit of neglected vinyl. What would I find? How choosy would I be? How much would these records cost? I would soon find out the answers and have decided to take a chance on things that I wouldn’t usually go anywhere near. This will be an interesting experience, I can assure you of that!

Scope is a pleasant enough shop, always clean, tidy and well lit. I bought those Shadows singles here that I mentioned earlier. They don’t have that much music on offer, they never do. One box of records was hidden in the back corner of the shop. Everything was £2. The usual type of records on offer. The one’s given to your Grandma at Christmas or for a birthday present. Easy listening and not much else.

But I was determined to buy at least three records to start my ‘Charity Shop Excursions’ and so my nimble fingers fell upon a Tom Jones album from 1967 and a couple of TV Theme instrumental collections from the early 1970s.

I paid the assistant £6 and made my way out of Scope with a smile on my face, thinking to myself, I bet she thinks I’m a proper square buying this easy listening stuff. Sometimes in life you’ve just gotta kick away the shackles from your comfort zone.

Coming home today:

I can’t even say that these are guilty pleasures because I’ve never heard them before. But I’ll give them a good clean while I’m listening to The Clash’s debut album, then spin them on my Technics turntable. When I’m done I’ll select one cut from each and create a YouTube video.

Keep coming back for those updates!

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