“Where’s Captain Kirk?”

SPIZZENERGI – “Where’s Captain Kirk?” / “Amnesia” (Rough Trade RTSO 4) December 1979

Spizzenergi “Where’s Captain Kirk?” – Two of my favourite things as a young teenager in the ’70s were Star Trek and punk, combine the two and you’ve got something more toxic than creosote (the tar based chemical everyone in the 70s painted their fences with).

It’s either truth but more likely fiction that William Shatner refused a photo shoot with Spizzenergi at the UK premiere of ’Star Trek The Motion Picture’. Good story though. (EXPO67)

It happened, in fact, while he was on the bus, on his way home from a band rehearsal in Solihull. Keyboard player Mark Coalfield had delivered a fine new tune which was ill-suited to the industrial-nightmare lyrics he’d written for the singer.

Spizz came up with his fine novelty words, and even mimicked the theme tune’s spooky ‘oo-ooooo’ bits in the studio. Still, William Shatner refused a photo op with him at the premiere of Star Trek: The Motion Picture.

Perhaps he’d heard one of the first 10,000 copies, which featured some helium-voiced dialogue in the run-out groove from Spizz and new drummer Hero Shima.

Spizz thought his quids were in when, in 1992, R.E.M. filed for clearance to do a cover. Tragically, it was destined for a 6,000 pressing Christmas freebie fan club single. (Mojo)

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