’80s underground

Digging in a box of Charity Shop records:

Here we go again! – I was in the local town centre this morning visiting the Post Office to send a few CDs to their new owners, having sold a Blues Project and a Rubble overnight. Selling duplicate compact discs is proving to be a decent little side-earner to top up my monthly work pension.

I couldn’t resist having another look inside the British Heart Foundation, just to check on the records I left behind yesterday. Most of them were still unsold, I noticed that the Siouxsie & the Banshees album was nowhere to be seen.

Some I never mentioned yesterday were two Japan LPs, a Mighty Lemon Drops and Altered Images second album with their big hit ‘I Could Be Happy’. The cover looked rather cheeky, pink and blue. I can’t remember the price the shop wanted for it. Perhaps a fiver. Maybe I’ll give that one a go next time.

This morning I paid up for ‘Porcupine’ by Echo & the Bunnymen, at £8 and a handful of singles. Among them The Primitives, The Jesus & Mary Chain and an old one from Kim Wilde. You know at £2 each, they’re worth bringing home. I’m sure they’ll all be sparkling with newness once I’ve given them a spit and polish with some Shimmer ‘Vinyl Record Cleaner’.

Coming home today:
  • Echo & the Bunnymen – ‘Porcupine’ (Korova KODE-6) 1983
  • Primitives – ‘Crash’ (RCA PB41761) 1988
  • Kim Wilde – ‘Water On Glass’ (RAK 334) 1981
  • Jesus & Mary Chain – ‘Darklands’ (Blanco Y Negro NEG 29) 1987
  • Jesus & Mary Chain – ‘Happy When It Rain’ (Blanco Y Negro NEG 25) 1987

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