“Mary Chain & Lemon Drops”

Digging in a box of Charity Shop records:

Here we go again! – My Saturday morning job recently has become a trip to the local Post Office to post eBay sales from the day before. This morning was no exception and while in the town centre I really didn’t have any option BUT to have a sneaky look inside the British Heart Foundation charity shop.

There was some scruffy loser hogging the box of records and CDs. I’ve seen him in here before, usually early doors. He flicks through the stock for twenty minutes or more, in normal circumstances I’d be there in the box too but with the Covid situation at the moment I don’t want to sidle up and rub shoulders with anyone.

I had to wait my turn which was frustrating because he’s got no interest in records, only the CDs and DVDs. Oh well, I couldn’t be arsed to hang around looking like a spare part so I had a walk to the Bank and withdrew some dosh.

I’m now back in the shop, and the scruff has fucked off so I had my chance to flick through the records. I decided to buy ‘Happy Head’ by The Mighty Lemon Drops for a fiver and spent a tenner on The Jesus & Mary Chain. Both records looked immaculate, hardly played. There was a few stickers on the covers but that’s no big deal, it just adds to the history of the records.

The yellow stickers were from Pet Sounds in Newcastle which was one of my regular haunts back in the 80s. It was a well respected record shop which stocked a fine selection of ’60s garage punk and psych which was what I was only interested in back then!

coming home today:
  • The Jesus & Mary Chain – ‘Barbed Wire Kisses’ (Blanco Y Negro BYN 15) 1988
  • The Mighty Lemon Drops – ‘Happy Head’ (Blue Guitar AZLP 1) 1986

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