“Gob On You”

NOT THE NINE O’CLOCK NEWS – “The Ayatollah Song” / “Gob On You” (BBC Records RESL 88) December 1980

Not The Nine O’Clock News “Gob On You”Thee Comedy team of the late ’70s and early ’80s with their punk parody ‘Gob On You’ – Mel Smith dressed like a punk-come-metal-head belting out an angst ridden number of gobbing on anyone and everything that gets in his way.

The normally sexily-clad Pamela Stevenson has been styled as an androgynous trouble-maker, her golden locks have been lopped off and she’s completely bald as she fiercely thumps her keyboard, (in the video) as shown in the TV series.

I remember this clearly when I watched it as a kid. The things on YouTube nowadays is mind blowing. “Gob On You” was recorded in 1979 and previously released as the single B-side of “Oh Bosanquet”.

“Gob on you cos I hate your guts,
Gob on you, kick you in the nuts.
Gob on you, you’re a stupid old git
Gob on you cos you’re full of shit.”

Mel Smith

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