“Fuck Off”

THE ELECTRIC CHAIRS – “Fuck Off” / “On The Crest” (Sweet FA WC 1) November 1977

The Electric Chairs “Fuck Off” – Inspired by the Bessie Smith blues he was listening to, London-based New Yorker County originally wrote ‘Fuck Off’ (as Put Out Or Get Out) around 1975, an ironic riposte to “all the prick-teasers who use their sexuality to take advantage of you”.

By 1977 it was established as the living embodiment of the tabloid media’s most virulent nightmare, potty-mouthed punk at its most scatologically prurient, threatening to warp the fragile sensibilities of an entire generation of innocent children.

Chain stores raced to outlaw the single, while the law sprang into action, pre-empting the Pistol’s Bollocks scandal by arresting a fan wearing her If You Don’t Want To Fuck Me . . . badge in public.

Still, ‘Fuck Off’ topped the indie charts, and Elton John told Creem magazine it was his favourite punk single ever. (Mojo)

Wayne County and friends mouthing obscenities around a varied musical background. Clever change of pace half way through. Doubt it’ll make Tony Blackburn’s record of the week.
(Record Mirror, 26/11/77)

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