“Telescopes and Valentines”

My never ending quest for records

The search goes on – I was off to Newcastle this morning to spend some loot on records and obscure European coffee brands from Europe. If you dig decent coffee, make a bee-line to
TK Maxx, they sell great coffee obscurities.

Well, the bus to Newcastle was late. And what happened? Two of the fuckers turned up at the same time. I should have known right there that things may not turn out too good today regarding local transport. More of that later!

I did the usual Record Shop visitations. RPM Music, Beatdown Records, Beyond Vinyl, Windows and Reflex. Nothing new burst out from the shelves in each of these shops, I was mainly on the look-out for late ’80s indie jangle and shoegaze but the pickings were few and far between.

I did pick up a couple of worthy items and at £26 probably paid too much for The Telescopes ‘Altered Perception’ double album. My Bloody Valentine 2CD compilation of their early singles, EP’s and 12″ records 1988 – 1991 was very good value at £12. I was pleased with both additions.

I walked through Grainger Market on the way to Windows Music shop and was disgusted and very sad to see a murdered adult pig on a Butcher’s slab, it’s trotters had been hacked off, blood was weeping from it’s mouth and internal organs had been ripped-out.

A small eatery was next door to the Butchers and a group of useless neanderthals were scoffing their lunch and sipping cups of coffee, sitting within a table’s distance from the murdered pig. Did they have no conscience? Were these people empty human shells of nothingness? Why would anyone want to sit next to a murdered animal? I worry about things like this every day.

With my day ruined by the sight of the pig carcass I made my way to the bus stop. Half an hour went by and still no bus. I then overheard another person waiting in the queue mention that there was a huge delay and the next bus to Washington wasn’t going to turn up for another ninety minutes. The bus Company had a bus-driver shortage and their buses were experiencing horrendous delays.

I decided to cut my losses and walked the couple of miles to Gateshead bus station. My journey was quite a pleasant one actually! It was lovely to walk across the Tyne Bridge from Newcastle into Gateshead, it’s been several years since I last ventured across on foot.

Fortunately for me, just as I reached the bus station, my bus to Washington turned up. A stroke of luck because my plan was to hop on a bus to Concord and get home from there. That journey would have taken forever and how long could I take, tucked in like a tin of sardines with potential Covid-19 riddled passengers on a bus going nowhere?

Coming home with me today:
  • My Bloody Valentine – ‘EP’s 1988 – 1991’ (Domino)
  • The Telescopes – ‘Altered Perceptions’ (Space Age Recordings)

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