All Around The World”

THE JAM – “All Around The World” / “Carnaby Street” (Polydor 2058 903) July 1977

The Jam “All Around The World” – If one song crystallised the confusion surrounding the idea of a cohesive punk ideology, ‘All Around The World’ was it.

The Jam’s second single, it saw Weller flick the Vs at the Pistols movement with a cauterising Mod-rock anthem that casually dismissed Lydon and co’s faux nihilism:

“What’s the point in saying destroy?
We want a new life for everyone.”

Weller outraged punk’s elite by scheduling pro-Jubilee gigs and threatening to vote Tory. The sense of a cantankerous Weller distancing himself from punk’s armchair anarchism was clear, but the idea of The Jam as narrow-minded Little Englander’s lingered in the public mind. Not that it distracted from the pleasure of this single, a blazing New Wave classic. (Mojo)

Paul Weller’s latest ’70s mod anthem leaves me cold. Allegedly Weller leads the progressive punk faction and his boys play all night but the music is nothin’ new. Reminds me of Love’s ‘My Flash On You’ in fact.

Glossy production and cover work, they even tell you who cuts their hair! and there staring you in the face is the message, Direction, Reaction, Creation.

Owes a lot to The Who of course, too much to be truly original. I’m still no clearer as to where The Jam’s intentions really lie. (NME, 09/07/77)

I was hoping for ‘Modern World’ as the new single from The Jam. I love them. Seen them play about 15 times. But this is no disappointment.

In fact they make records that sound like anthems, Paul Weller’s guitar explosion in the middle is like a quick journey to the centre of the earth.

A number one. ‘Carnaby Street’ is on the B side. (Record Mirror, 16/07/77)

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