“Television Screen”

THE RADIATORS FROM SPACE – “Television Screen” / “Love Detective” (Chiswick S10) April 1977

The Radiators From Space “Television Screen” – It begins with a musical quote from B. Bumble & The Stingers’ Nut Rocker – the only way that guitarist Chevron could get everyone else to come in on time.

Producer Roger Armstrong’s London-based Chiswick Records signed the band on the strength of a demo that Eamon Carr of Horslips had played them.

Recorded at Dublin’s Trend Studios, the fuzzed-up and furious pub R&B of ‘Television Screen’ is served superbly by Armstrong’s trebly, guitar heavy treatment. Future Pogue Chevron remembers throwing every rock ‘n’ roll guitar style into his 10-second solo as if it were his vinyl last will and testament. (Mojo)

Crash, bang, thud, wallop. More forgettable punk. (Record Mirror, 07/05/77)

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