“Hearts In Her Eyes”

THE SEARCHERS – “Hearts In Her Eyes” / Don’t Hang On” (Sire SIR 4026) October 1979

The Searchers “Hearts In Her Eyes” – ’60s relics The Searchers never really went away and continued to release ignored singles long after their heyday of 1963 – 1965.
But by the late seventies they must have all got together in a pub, played some darts and dominoes and possibly decided to re-form and make records again.

They signed to Sire, home of The Ramones and The Undertones. They were even given a song, written by Will Birch and John Wicks, who were creating waves with their own band The Records.

“Hearts In Her Eyes” was a song perfect for The Searchers who added their usual jangle guitar and harmonies. It has a good tempo with ‘hit’ written all over it. Alas, I don’t think the record did much in Britain despite positive music press reviews and plays on the radio.

It had greater appeal in Europe and The Searchers were invited to perform the number on a West German TV show called “Klimbim”. The clip is beyond embarrassing with two dancers parading their ‘disco dancing’ on stage with the band. What were they thinking?

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