“African Violets”

BEVIS FROND – “African Violets” (Help Records F101) 1987

Bevis Frond “African Violets” – I’m not very familiar with Bevis Frond‘s recorded material and since the eighties they didn’t register with me at all. I’ve heard the odd song here and there but they were way too long, I’ve never appreciated lengthy guitar jams.

“African Violets” was released by ‘Freakbeat’ magazine as a flexi-disc in ’87. Perhaps this is the first time I’ve ever played Nick Soloman’s side today! The number gets into it’s stride with a raga-rock intro before the vocals kick in and then a psych lead guitar bursts into action.

Quite a compelling sound and not as long as I thought it would be. Maybe I’m now mature enough to listen to psychedelic jams which meander on for a decade or more. But perhaps I’m just more suited to short and snappy garage punk and indie janglers? Check it out for yourself.

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