“History Hates No Man”

THE STEPPES – “History Hates No Man” (Help Records F101) 1987

The Steppes “History Hates No Man” – I have dozens of ‘Bucketfull of Brains’ and ‘Freakbeat’ fanzines from the mid to late eighties, most of them came with a free flexi-disc of unreleased music at that time.

My plan (I’m full of plans) will be to remaster some of these flexi-discs, create music files and share them here on “Yellow Paper Suns” – the first flimsy noisy piece of plastic to make it’s way to my turntable is a freebie from ‘Freakbeat’ fanzine Number 4, published in 1987.

The Steppes track ‘History Hates No Man’ is an extended version, lasting just over seven minutes. It’s a piece of mind-wrecked deranged acid madness. Can’t say I know what the hell it all means but I enjoy the sprawling lysergic sound they’ve created.

The number was recorded at Mystic Studios in Hollywood, sometime in 1985.

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