“Garden Of Earthly Delights”

ECTOMORPH – ‘Garden Of Earthly Delights” (Hemp Records 1) 1988

Ectomorph “Garden Of Earthly Delights” – Another flexi-disc was given away with ‘Freakbeat’ fanzine, Issue #5 back in 1988. This time around the sound quality was far superior than the one they gave away in Issue #4.

Four bands donated a song and my pick of the crop is “Garden Of Earthly Delights” by the strangely named Ectomorph. Frustratingly I can’t find my copy of ‘Freakbeat’ but have done a little research on the internet and can confirm the following:

Ectomorph were from the UK and released an album in 1991 titled ‘The Furious Sleeper’ on the Woronzow label. I’m not familiar with their recordings or the hippie Woronzow label. I have always been put off by those long-haired hippie type scenes with the extended psychedelic jams that go on a lifetime.

“Garden Of Earthly Delights” seemingly catches the band mixing their LSD with speed because it’s a lively affair with a quick tempo and female lead vocals. It reminds me of late ’60s psychedelic rock bands like The Yankee Dollar or The Neighb’rhood Childr’n.

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