“Tighten Up”

R.E.M. – “Tighten Up” (BOB 5) February 1985

R.E.M. “Tighten Up” – Here’s a funky soul jam from R.E.M. that is nothing like their usual work, maybe they performed this number at gigs and it came off so well that they decided to record it. This is presumably an earlier version of “Tighten Up” given away as a flexi-disc with ‘Bucketfull Of Brains’ Issue #11.

The song was originally released by Archie Bell & the Drells in 1968. R.E.M.’s studio version can be found on their 1984 album ‘Reckoning’.

Here’s what the Editor of ‘Bucketfull of Brains’ had to say about this freebie:

R.E.M. played some of the best shows its been my privilege to witness during their two visits here last year and their records are all firm favourites. So I’m thrilled to be in a position to be able to make available this previously unreleased recording inside the covers of ‘B.O.B.’

Michael, Peter, Mike and Bill are joined by Mitch Easter, on vibes, and many thanks are due to them, manager Jefferson Holt who kindly fixed up the details, and IRS Records for allowing it to happen.

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