“Sad Eyes Kill”

THE RAIN PARADE – “Sad Eyes Kill” (BOB 4) 1984

The Rain Parade “Sad Eyes Kill” – Part of the so-called Los Angeles ‘Paisley Underground’ they signed to a major label and released a so-so album ‘Crashing Dream’ but before all that they were promoted extensively in ‘Bucketfull Of Brains’.

Issue 10 gave away a flexi-disc of “Sad Eyes Kill”, this was way before the number was released on their Island Records LP and is most likely an earlier version. The flexi-disc is very cheaply made and translucent. Hold this up to the sun and you’re likely to burn you eyes out, it’s that thin!

The sound quality is also atrocious but I’ve done my best, remastering the sound file, in this case a stereo FLAC, using iZotope RX7, audio editing software. Better than nothing I suppose!

The Rain Parade were a fabulous band, their early recordings are premier league guitar psychedelia. They were perhaps the very best combo from the short-lived Paisley Underground scene and the languid “Sad Eyes Kill” demonstrates why I thought so highly of them in the mid eighties.

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