“The Lady Is No Lady”

PLASTICLAND – “The Lady Is No Lady” (BOB 6) 1985

Plasticland “The Lady Is No Lady” – Here it is again, another regular ‘Bucketfull’! I hope you all enjoyed the R.E.M. flexi-disc with the last issue, this time around I’m pleased to be able to include Plasticland’s “The Lady Is No Lady” (plus two sound collages as well).

Thanks are due to Nigel Cross for arranging it with the band and also for the in depth feature on them in this issue. Thanks also to Plasticland themselves and in particular to Glenn Rehse (who Nigel and I had the pleasure of meeting here in London recently) for getting the master tape to us so speedily.

Look out for a new Plasticland 45 on Midnite Records which is due around August. (BOB)

“The Lady Is No Lady”

Somewhere hereabouts you’ll find a flexi-disc, the main thrust of which is a ditty which boasts the title above. It’s a rare treat, particularly the undiluted blast of Frankovic’s superlative clipped bass playing, somewhere between Andy ‘Soft Boy’ Metcalfe’s well rolled meatballs and the more synthetic dance stance of deutsche bands like Neu and Kraftwerk, whom we’ll get to in a moment.

Glenn’s vocals are at their snotty best but the sharpest prong of this tune has to be the lyrics, which canonise their then current drummer.

Glenn Rehse: The story of the Lady Dublonet. In 1981 before we recorded ‘Color Appreciation’ and right after the release of ‘Vibrasonics’ we were doing promotional dates around the Mid West for the EP and we had a seven hour ride from Milwaukee to Minneapolis.

We were doing a show with X. We were in very close quarters in the van, there were five people and barely room to sit. Of course we were all perspiring and there was this particular aroma that emitted from the Lady!

Brian Ritchie blurted out “The lady is no lady”. We decided to compose a song about the Lady, commemorating the odour that was less than enjoyed on the long ride. The Lady was notorious for always having a pint of anything with alcohol in it. The Lady, she’s also known as Debbie Harry, Blondie, the Blond One, Dublon, and Brian used to room together. We were all good friends. Brian grew up in the same neighbourhood as John and I did.

We used to get together to go shopping for records and clothes in secondhand stores. That’s how I met Brian and he introduced me to the Lady. She really was a good drummer but in order for her to work up into a frame of mind where she felt confident on stage, she had to consume a lot of intoxicants.

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