“Happy The Golden Prince”

ROBYN HITCHCOCK – “Happy The Golden Prince” (BOB 8) 1986

Robyn Hitchcock “Happy The Golden Prince” – This song was given away with ‘Bucketfull Of Brains’ Issue 14, well, when I say song I’m thinking more along the lines of a six minute surreal tale to tell a bad tempered kid at bed time. This will calm the little bugger down.

Softly spoken words of nothingness over a plaintive electric guitar takes the listener on a journey of wonder. Is this eccentric genius or psychedelic twaddle?

According to the short write-up in the ‘zine this (at the time) was previously unreleased. Robyn is aided by Mathew Seligman. The track was recorded during the ‘Black Snake Diamond Role’ sessions, in 1981.

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