“Very Last Day”

THE BARRACUDAS – “Very Last Day” / “There’s A World Out There” (BOB 7) 1985

The Barracudas “Very Last Day” – two sides from a respected group, although by the time this material came out on the ‘Bucketfull’ flexi-disc they had already split-up.

“Very Last Day” is a decent stab at the folk number made famous by Peter, Paul & Mary in 1964. The Hollies also recorded a rendition as well as numerous European Beat bands during the mid-sixties.

The other tune is a Robin Wills original, again in the folk-rock vein. This sounds like a demo to my ears, the vocals are hesitant and the background harmonies are all over the place. Still though, can’t complain too much, it was a freebie. The songs hinted at the direction The Barracudas were probably going to take before the break-up.

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