“Warm Spell”

THE CHURCH – “Warm Spell” (BOB 9) March 1986

The Church “Warm Spell” – I was a huge fan of The Church in the eighties and their early records still hold up well apart from those recordings from around “Seance” LP onwards. There is just way too much in the way for my ears nowadays, over-produced sounds, synth keyboards wrecking some tunes and the over-use of gated and synthetic drums.

“Warm Spell” is a bouncy pop excursion, especially the intro where the rhythms and jangle remind me of Postcard era Orange Juice. The Church turning Indie? No chance. After ‘Under The Milky Way’ was a semi-hit in America they kind of went mainstream and my ‘fanship’ waved goodbye.

This flexi-disc is very noisy and crackles like bacon in a frying pan, but I’ve filtered the FLAC through iZotope and it’s come out decent. I never use ‘de-noiser’ because that sucks the life out of a music file.

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