THE SPINNING WIGHATS – “Encore From Hell” / “10/05/60” (BOB 11) 1986

The Spinning Wighats “10/05/60” – The long arm of “Bucketfull Of Brains2 has failed, I can’t apologise enough but we are totally unable to pin down the legendary Spinning Wighats and grill ’em in the usual “B.O.B.” fashion.

In mitigation, this mysterious combo hardly ever surface for live gigs (though luckily their onstage raver, “Encore From Hell” / “10/05/60” is captured for all eternity on this issue’s flexi, having been recorded at London’s Mean Fiddler in 1985) and have, up until now, released only a limited edition flexi which appeared around last Christmas although rumours persist that a record of cover versions of Gram Parsons’ songs, by the Wighats, was spotted in a deletion bin somewhere in Kentucky!

Apart from these titbits and halftruths the band remain obscure and shy away from publicity. A concrete fact is that a further Spinning Wighats track will shortly be released on a forthcoming compilation album from the UK’s “What A Nice Way To Turn 17” magazine (write to them at: 4 Conniston Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV32 6PG)

It will become immediately apparent, on playing the enclosed flexi-disc, that the spinning Wighats are well into the sound of the Long Ryders, in fact the casual listener might conclude that the two bands are one and the same, such is their copycat style!

In this light, and due to the appalling lack of dirt on the Wighats, I’m going to fill this page with some photos of said Ryders (there are, of course, no pictures of the Wighats in existence).

If, perchance, you’re partial to the Long Ryders yourself, you may like to know that Issue 2 of Glen Minderman’s excellent “Long Wryter” magazine is now available (the scope has been broadened this time to include an interview with the Dream Syndicate’s Steve Wynn and Paul B. Cutler) and full of essential stuff for fans (live tape reviews, discography, etc, etc)

The 36 page A5 magazine costs £1.50 inc p&p though non UK readers should write with an IRC or two for price details to: The Long Wryter, Nachtwachtlaan 345, 1058 EM Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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